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with confidence, without fear.

Warsaw Indiana based birth doula + photographer

helping you have + photograph your dream birth.

Advocate for yourself, confidently.

Birth without fear.

Capture your birth with stunning images.


Support for          births.


I've been where you are. Your birthing experience is safe with me because I've personally given birth at home and in a hospital, and I have assisted at every type of birth. Natural, unmedicated births, medicated births, C-sections, twin births, inductions, and home births.

doula support + photography included in all birth packages

Trusted by Mamas who have had their                    

dream births

A doula is something moms should get because they're an absolute blessing and help you prepare beforehand and are with you during it all. I'm so glad to have had a Heidi with the twins because I also have met a friend and someone who genuinely cares and I could text her daily about anything and she would be there for me regardless of what it was. I can never thank her enough for everything she has done for me.

Birthing without fear

looks like...

woman standing next to window in a cream cardigan

Having a doula ensures you birth without fear. As your doula, I strive to advocate for parents so that they can remain relaxed + in control of their situation as they discuss options, evaluate the situation, and make informed decisions about their own labor and delivery. 


Birth is a normal, natural experience, and when allowed to function as nature intended (without fear) it is a joyful & fulfilling experience. 


With Birth Photography, you won’t have to stress about documenting your baby's birth and first moments. You get to be completely focused on your new baby- the tiny fingers, tiny toes, the newborn smell. Soak in all of those golden hour moments- they change so quickly. No posing, no flash, no stress. Just you and your new family, and memories to last forever.

birth photography is included in all birth packages


from fearful, stressed, and uneducated about birth to a mom who can tell about her                 birth with photos she can                        forever



woman holding newborn baby after birth

Your dream birth includes...

doula support + photography coverage

- Support during pregnancy, birth, + postpartum.

-Two Prenatal Appointments (birth planning + education, birth positions + comfort measures)

- On-call availability

- Coaching and guidance during birth 

- Hands-on comfort techniques (including a free TENS Unit Rental)

- Information and support for informed decision making

- Initial Latch + Breastfeeding Support 

- How to Advocate for yourself

- 1 Postpartum Appointment

- Full Digital Birth Story Gallery with Color and B+W Images

- Photography coverage from beginning of support until 1-2 hours after birth

Let's plan your



Warsaw, Indiana + surrounding areas

120 N First St. Pierceton IN 46562


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