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Mom Laboring in Birth Tub While Doula Supports
Doula with Rebozo, Shake the Apples with Spinning Babies in Hospital Bed
Heidi hugging Mom after Birth
Birth Doula Supporting Mom During Labor
Mom Holding Baby After Birth
TENS Unit Placement- Pain Management with Electrodes
Birth Doula Heidi Supporting Mom while Laboring on Side of Hospital Bed
Heidi Birth Doula Massaging Mom in Labor
TENS Unit Placement on Mom with Hospital Gown
Doula & Dad Supporting Mom
Birth Doula helping Mom labor on toilet
Doula using Rebozo as comfort measure


Birth + Photography

Serving Warsaw, Indiana & the greater Fort Wayne area.



International Doula Institute Certified Birth Doula

Hello, I'm Heidi, your birth doula! Congratulations on your pregnancy, this is such an incredible season of your life. I am so excited to be here with you to help you embrace your birth and your precious baby with natural peace and confidence.

The Natural Doula was created with the the idea that every woman can embrace their natural confidence when allowed to birth without a mindset of fear. This includes being provided with adequate information to make an informed decision about your birth, so that your labor & delivery is truly YOURS, and not anyone else's. No one else is calling the shots, you are your baby's mama, and only you know what is best!  As an advocate, I am prepared to provide you with the tools to embrace your own positive and peaceful birth experience, whether you decide to birth naturally, with an epidural or pain medications, or a c-section.

In addition to being a Certified Birth Doula,  I have a B.A. in Spanish Language from Whitworth University. Because of this, I love that I am able to reach, support and be a voice for clients who speak both English and Spanish. 

Contact me below. Let's talk. I can’t wait to meet you!

You've got this mama!

“When the mind is free of stress and fear that causes the body to respond with pain, nature is free to process birth in the same well-designed manner that it does for all other normal physiological functions” -Hypnobirthing


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During labor with my first child the support of these three women who have had children of their own was so encouraging to me. I felt empowered in my 40 hour labor to keep going thanks to this incredible support!

Haylie Myers

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