Due to gas prices, I reserve the right to add a potential additional mileage fee of $50 outside of a 30 mile radius.

"I always knew that giving birth was a wild ride, but there is absolutely nothing in this world to describe the intensity of it all. Without the support system I had I don't think I would have birthed the way I wanted to. Even a strong willed person will come to a breaking point, & they helped me push through... Heidi is someone you NEED on your birth team... I seriously couldn't recommend her enough".

- Michaela Hampton



Congratulations on your pregnancy! Fill a contact card, call, text, or email to schedule your complimentary meet and greet.


I take on a limited number of clients at any one time to make sure I can give you the full care and attention you deserve. I provide up to two 90 minute prenatal appointments to discuss the vision for your birth, and we will work together on a plan on how to achieve that vision.  We will also discuss pain management, practice labor positioning & Spinning Babies techniques to get baby in the best position for birth. As well, I provide breathing & relaxation techniques so you feel fully informed and prepared to conquer your labor and delivery. If you have a support person you would like to bring with you, absolutely please do! I love being able to teach others, & include dad as well.



This is the exciting part! You get to meet your baby! I provide 24 hour on call service starting at 37 weeks until you go into labor, where I will stay with you as an advocate & support person with around the clock care until the delivery of your baby. During labor, I will create a calm atmosphere with lighting, birth affirmation cards, candles, aromatherapy, essential oil rollers, and music. As well, we will do pain management techniques with rebozo, frequent labor positioning, Spinning Babies for optimal baby positioning, breathing instruction, and massage. I also provide optional add ons including use of a TENS machine & CBD products.


The postpartum appointment takes place at your house, where we will discuss your birth & how you are adjusting to life with your newborn. Whether this is baby #1, 2, 3 or beyond, having a new baby in the house is a big adjustment with a lot of emotions, & I am there to hold space & make a plan for adjusting to this new and exciting life!


Contact me to learn more about payment plans & affordable pricing. I know firsthand the difference a doula can make during your birth - I want to make sure everyone has access. I am open to trades as well, so please contact me with any questions, I would love to talk!

Due to gas prices, a mileage fee of $50 will apply outside of a 30 mile radius.





Investment: $400

  • Unlimited text/call support

  • 1-2 Virtual OR in person prenatal appointments. This include education, birth planning, mental preparation (including fear release) & hands on labor positioning & Spinning Babies birth prep.

  • Access to community & educational resources.

  • Virtual Support when you go into labor via text, call, or Messenger video call.

  • 1 Virtual Postpartum Appointment to talk about your birth experience & answer any questions or concerns with your new baby!

What does virtual birth doula support look like during labor?

-Frequent labor positioning & instructions based on phase of labor & what mom is feeling via text or video call in order to progress.

-Interpreting information by doctors & providing evidence based information in the moment so you can make the best decision for you & your baby.

-Suggestions on relaxation, birth atmosphere, & step by step massage instructions.

-Support for dads: yes, this is normal! She's doing great. 

- & much more!


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