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25% shorter labor

60% reduction in epidural requests

50% reduction in cesarean rate

40% reduction in oxytocin use

40% reduction in forceps delivery

30% reduction in analgesia use



A doula is an advocate for your birth goals who provides physical, emotional, and informational support during the entire childbearing journey. Most importantly, a doula is there to help achieve birth goals and educate you on exactly what is happening to your body and the care that is received during labor and delivery. Many women find that with a doula, they are able to receive care that is not only safe, but they are able to have a birth that is empowering and supported. We are there to advocate for your rights and your wishes during labor and delivery to help you achieve the best birth possible. Doulas can provide a safe space for their clients while they are giving birth by controlling who goes in and out of the room, the lighting, or even smells which can be controlled with aromatherapy.


A doula also provides an unwavering emotional support presence from the moment you go into labor until several hours afterwards. Depending on how long you are in labor, you may experience several shift changes and have multiple nurses or doctors attend to you. It can be scary to get acquainted with a new nurse who doesn’t know your likes and dislikes while you are laboring, and with a doula you don’t have to worry about that. I work with couples specifically so that they can achieve the labor and delivery that they want, whether it is natural, epidural, or c-section. A doula is for every kind of birth, and for something as important as the birth of your child, a doula is someone you want on your birth support team.


Before you go into labor, we will have two prenatal appointments to discuss your birth plan, wishes and desires for your birth, and to provide educational resources. I will provide you with information to become educated about your choices during labor with all the pros and cons so you never have to make a decision without knowing exactly what is going on. I have attended births before, (including my own), so you can trust me to have adequate enough information to be an advocate for you during your birth. In unexpected circumstances, doctors & nurses can provide quick medical information about what is happening in the moment, but we will make sure to have already talked about these scenarios ahead of time so you have an idea of what to expect. As your doula I make sure you are adequately informed about everything happening, so you are NOT blindsided and have the option to provide consent or not provide consent on what is happening to YOUR body.

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